Ever since I started thinking about writing, I’ve received a few questions.  I’ll answer them here.  Also, I’ll answer anticipated questions I think I may get.  Enjoy!

When will your first book be published?

This is a slightly difficult question.  I have written creatively in the past, though it has never been published and will never see the light of day.  But this will be my first time publishing.  Of course, I’d like to pursue traditional publishers, but I am starting off with independent publishing.  If everything goes to plan, my first short book will be published in 2014.  This book will be a heavily edited version of my Journey to Ariadne web series and will be available free initially, then at a very low price.

Why indie publishing?

I understand that it is saturated with poorly written books by people who don’t know much about the written language or how to use social media to market their books.  I have seen success stories, though.  There are good authors out there who do very well independently, though.  I hope to be one of those authors.  I will attempt to get an agent and contact traditional publishers when I feel I’m ready for that.