Upcoming Books

Journey to Ariadne

  • From the web serial of the same name, this novella will feature all of the parts in the serial plus more, and completely re-edited.  Set on Mars, the Ariadne Project is humanity’s first extra-solar colony.  With declining relations between Mars and the Earth, the technology for this project is coveted by the Earth government.  It’s a race to get this colony established, if possible.  Expected publishing date: online – here, eBook – 2015.

Untitled Non-fiction

  • Having lived in Japan for more than 9 years, I have a story to tell.  This book won’t be a simple retelling of my experiences, but it’ll be an examination of the cultural differences between Japan and North America.  It will feature true stories, ranging from funny to tragic.  Expected publishing date: TBA.

Untitled Science Fiction Novel

  • Set 21 years after the colonisation of an Earth-like planet, many young people are exhibiting unusual abilities due to the exposure to the world’s environment.  One young woman intends to help those before they hurt themselves or others with their untrained abilities. Expected publishing date: TBA.

Untitled Science Fiction Novel

  • Based on the same world as the debut novel, this is a followup story told in 3 acts.  It takes place a few years after, initially starring one of the characters from the first book.  Originally intended to be three short stories, the individual stories are all related and lead to the conclusion, which has major repercussions for the entire world. Expected publishing date: TBA.

Untitled Science Fiction Novel

  • Based on the same world as the introductory novel, this takes place around 300 years later. People have come to accept their abilities as commonplace, but there are still those who oppose them.  And then there are those who would use their abilities to exploit and terrorise others.  Follow a young man with exceptionally strong abilities deal with fame and power, and protect the ideals that society holds dear.  Expected publishing date: TBA.


  • A world plagued by war is about to have an earth-shattering change.  This fantasy short story was written during Camp NaNoWriMo, and will be included in a future short story collection.