December Update

I’m a couple weeks late in doing an update for December. Honestly, it slipped my mind.  But here’s what happening for December.

No schedule at all.  I don’t think December is a normal month for anyone.  There are holidays coming up and everyone’s schedules get all screwed up.  However, I have started doing something new.  When I have time at work, I write.  In fact, I wrote most of Part 4 of Journey to Ariadne in a notebook during my breaks.

That brings us to Journey to Ariadne.  Part 4 is close to finished, but I’m excited to get started on Part 5.  Part 4 is a short one, but Part 5 should be significantly longer.  At this stage in the story, things are changing a bit.  This is where you get to meet the major players in the Ariadne world.

Journey to Ariadne isn’t a novel.  I just want to remind everyone of this.  It’s an online serial that provides a window into a bigger story.  It isn’t showing everything, but is primarily an introduction to the world and some background.  I will adapt it into a novel, and there is a lot of story to be filled in between the parts that you see on this website.

As always, please keep reading I Read Encyclopedias for Fun for a lot about writing and more.


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