Ariadne: Origins

I’m happy to finally announce the title of my upcoming duology, Ariadne: Origins.

In the 22nd century, humanity has finally traveled to the stars.  The search for the ideal world to start a colony lead to an Earth-like world orbiting the star Beta Comae Berenices, nearly 30 light years from Earth.  That world was called Ariadne.  Facing an uncertain future in the Solar System, the colonists wanted to create a new society in which they could escape the growing unrest and conflict that was beginning to tear the Earth apart.  Ariadne was that world.

In the beginning, life was wonderful, although it involved a lot of hard work.  However, the children born on Ariadne started exhibiting unusual abilities.  What was causing it?  How would it affect the future of the new generation?

Ariadne: Origins will unravel the mystery behind these abilities and set the stage for a life they had never imagined possible.

The title of the first book will be announced when I’ve finished writing it.  In the meantime, I will be giving you a sneak preview of the world of Ariadne through short stories that will be available for free from this website.  Keep an eye out for future updates, and please subscribe!


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