Debut story update

The short story that I’ve been developing to introduce my world to everyone is no longer going to be a short story.  The story is bigger than I anticipated.  It’s looking to be more like a short novel.  The initial story didn’t feel complete.  It needed something extra, and a lot more action and suspense.  I feel it’ll be a much stronger story that way.

I have a few ideas for titles, though nothing is final.  I do know what the final name of the world is, though.  But I’ll leave that for you to guess.

The more I work on outlining and planning, the more I realise how much story there really is.  It evolves before it’s even written.  One thing I need to develop is the technology, including the spacecraft.  Part of the story will involve a spacecraft, though it’ll mainly be on the planet.

The tentative title will be announced in the coming weeks, as well as the name of the planet and star.  I’m also considering commissioning cover artwork, as I’m not particularly confident in my ability to create an attractive cover.  Sometimes I underestimate my artistic abilities, but I’m confident with pencil and paper, not with graphics editing software.  I will have sketches of animals and spacecraft on this website in the future, though.  And of course, the maps.

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  1. Good luck with it. I have the opposite problem as I’m working on an historical – so much research but the planning and research is half the fun.


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