Welcome to my new official website.  In the future, this website and blog will be the home of my books and short stories, as well as an encyclopedia of my science fiction world.

For now, please visit my blogs:

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun – My writing and book review blog.  On this blog, I also talk about many other subjects from science to current events.  The name of the website comes from my childhood hobby of reading encyclopedias.  It really was for fun.

Jay Dee in Japan – This is my first blog and most popular.  It’s about living in Japan, and it showcases my photos.

Foreign Dad in Japan – This blog is much more limited in scope.  If you enjoy baby pictures, this is the place to go.  I also discuss what it’s like to be a foreign parent in Japan.

365 Rotations – An experimental photo blog featuring pictures taken every day from the same locations.  Interested in seasonal changes?  Check this blog out.

Come back for more in the future!


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